GONE is a documentary film inspired by the Yemen refugee issue on Jeju island.

We explore the lives of several of the refugees, and their journey so tar, talking about their lives before entering Jeju and after, exploring both the pitfalls and the joy they have had since arriving on Jeju in May 2018. Clearly they have found it difficult to integrate into the society but they are trying their best to fit in, and all they can do to find some peace and ·a new lite after leaving their war-torn country.

We look deep into Korean history to see how country that once sent over 1 million refugees abroad due to war now has a refugee system has bee setup to tail those seeking asylum and trying to secure basic human rights.

After 2016, South Korea showed the world how democracy can succeed but within just 2 years it has also shown the pitfalls of developing without regard to social and human rights for all. Has the South Korean government failed in securing the human rights of these people or are we missing something?

The Yemeni refugees, unable to return home tor fear of death and persecution, now spend their time in search of a new place to call home, but, what is their idea of home, a place of beauty or is it something as simple as having a place to rest their heads, something that perhaps we all take tor granted each and every day?

Now scattered around Korea we go in search of their stories to allow their voices to be heard and to raise more awareness about the war in Yemen and the plight of refugees all around the world.